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Any information you provide is voluntary and is not required to view the site.


Some of this information, however, is necessary in order to contact me or join my mailing list (like your name and email) and may be stored on email servers or Wix's servers. 

Additionally, any public information (from public social media accounts, your website, etc) may be used during the course of our relationship.

I may also have access to some derivative data via cookies and other analytics gathered by my server. This often includes IP addresses, dates and times of access, and other non-identifiable data. 

In order to opt out of this data, you can opt out of cookies, choose not to provide info, and/or set your social media accounts to "private."

At any time, this information is used for the following

  • Correspondence with you

  • General site analytics to improve offerings

  • Research before entering a business relationship with you



This site is the Intellectual Property of Jessica Dodge-Overstreet, based in Tempe, AZ. All reasonable attempts have been made to provide a secure site, including using a well known web host, though no explicit promise of safety while on this site is made. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, but will be updated here. 

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